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sam patch yankee leaper. Sam Patch, the “The Yankee Leaper,” achieved nationwide fame when he jumped into the Niagara River near the base of the Falls in 1829. Sam Patch (The Yankee Leaper). Nacionalidade Americano Ano 1829. Feito Pulou de uma plataforma localizada na Ilha de Goat. Meses  At six years of age Sam Patch was abandoned by his alcoholic father, . A dive by the Yankee Leaper off a 125 foot ladder against the  Sam Patch (1807 � November 13, 1829), known as The Yankee Leaper , became the first famous American daredevil after successfully  Every Year. St. Ignatius of Antioch. 1660s. 1662 Charles II of England sold Dunkerque to France for 40,000 pounds. 1820s. 1829 Sam Patch, the Yankee Leaper, jumped Shagdog and Jammer brave the Genesee River in order to get a Genny Light Beer to review and as the Great Yankee Leaper, Sam Patch, was famous for saying Some things can be done as well as others - Sam Patch, The Yankee Leaper The thunder and roar of six million cubic feet of water falling over Niagara Falls every minute has thrilled visitors since 1820. Sam Patch, the “Yankee Leaper,” 


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